What a pleasure to enjoy a meal without parents, around 5 pm, together. Just nooddles and friends.


The river

Fishermen live on their boat with wife and children, in Phnom Penh.


Bruxelles or Phnom Penh ?

I think I have already seen this young boy in Belgium...


Second hand pair of shoes

For those who think that in Cambodia we only have flip-flap, here is the proof that we have different kind of shoes. You can even have a hand made pair of shoes for only 28 dollars.



I took this picture in a bar of Phnom Penh, I thought this lamp was too attractive.


Nice umbrella

Near the famous Cambodiana hotel and the Naga casino, on a big place you ll find this monument. But this umbrella seems too dangerous during the storms of the rainy season.


Mister banana

Sure he likes so much bananas. His family too, his neighbours too, Phnom Penh too, and Cambodia also...


Hypocondriachs don t look at this !

This poster on the street helps people to identify diseases. Not for hypocondriachs.


Strange eggs

You have here some samples of cambodian eggs. I let you imagine how are the chickens...


Street 107

One of the old streets of Phnom Penh. I waited before take this picture, not to shoot too many Lexus 4WD.


A place to have a rest

In the heart of the city, the garden of the royal palace is one the most quiet place. 


Nothing is ready

Officials are coming and musicians and soldiers are still smoking cigarettes or discussing. 



I like so much old buildings. In some areas you can find many of them. Just climb the stairs, and if you are lucky, maybe you can go on a terrace and have a look on the city.


Beautiful man

During one minute, try to imagine his life. Year after year, he has loved, suffured, worked. And now he smiles.


A bunch of flowers

Among the thousands of things you can smell in Phnom Penh, my favorite are  jasmine flowers. At the market, or near a temple, it s always a pleasure.


Do n t do it !

If their parents don t have enough money to buy toys, children play with the things close to their small hands...



Why are they looking at me with these strange eyes ? Am I driving in the wrong way ?


Let s go for a walk

Above the Tonle Sap river. At the backyard the Mekong river.


Old swimming pool

Beijing 2008 started. I m not sure that the 2 Cambodian athletes engaged in the swimming competitions trained here before going to China.


Butchers street

Now you understand why is it better to go to the market early in the morning. After a few hours, meat is less attractive when the weather is hot. And in Cambodia the weather is always hot.


Cambodian flag

In the evening you can rent a small boat, and enjoy a dinner with friends on the Tonle bassac river, during a cruise in front of the royal palace, the Cambodiana hotel etc.


Washing machine day

What a big dryer ! People who live in this building use this natural way to dry their clothes. But what an idea they choose this friday to all clean their clothes.


Strange bikes

In the city, you can see a lot of these bikes, called "cyclo-pousses". Most of the time, they carry old grandmas, when they come back back from the market. Young people prefer motorbike.


Smoking kills

Less and less people smoke in Cambodia, even if the pack of 200 cigarettes costs around 9 dollars. Fortunately, this young guy is not representative. Anyway, what a strange way to light a cigarette !


Not solar panels

For a while I let you imagine what s under these old roofs. For those who want to know, it s just a market, located near the river and the tourist area. But strangely, only Khmers people come here to buy food.


Bain de pieds

Does she wash her feet or the bindweed water ? I don t think it is a typically cambodian practice.


A pipeline in the city

At 9h, in the morning, the sun is already hot. This man at work try not to be sun-baked. He s having a 5 mn break under this big tube.


Un air de prison

It looks like a prison, but it s only a building where live a dozen of families. Located near the river, people usually don t have a look on it, because of the popular market on the streets around.


Sourire du matin

Au marché Kandal, à quelques mètres du quai Sisowath, certains commerçants vivent avec leur famille à l'intérieur de cabanes de fortune de quelques m2. Leurs biens sont réduits au strict minimum, le sourire lui est gratuit.


Avoir les crocs

Au psar Kandal, à 11h du matin, les étals des vendeuses de viande sont désertés. Ce qui n'a pas été vendu est écoulé dehors. Reste sur place le matériel, qui une fois nettoyé, attend d'être utilisé le lendemain.